Prosurix is a marketing and authentication platform utilizing NFC (near field communication) chips and a patented algorithm to authenticate and market wine and spirits.

Prosurix was invented to guard against fake wines making it into consumers’ hands and cellars and polluting the wine and spirits ecosystem. With high-profile stories and seizures of fake wine, Prosurix is uniquely positioned to protect consumers. In the course of developing the application, the marketing functionality of Prosurix was expanded beyond a yes / no as to the authenticity of the product and extended to a marketing message delivered by the vintner to the consumer at the optimum time; the consumer holding the bottle in their hands at the point of purchase.

The US Patent and Trademark office has issued 2 patents, the original patent and an expanded patent to industries outside of wine and spirits.

There has been positive press in both industry publications and in the mainstream media about Prosurix. Recent articles in Wine Industry Advisor, Buffalo Magazine, and news coverage on the NBC affiliate in Buffalo have increased awareness and interest in Prosurix.

The Prosurix app is very easy to use and a graphical representation is on the next page. Once the user downloads the app from the apple or android app store and creates an account, the user is able to use their phone’s native NFC chip reader to touch a Prosurix tag attached to a bottle or embedded in the cork. Once the scan completes in under a second, the authenticity of the bottle is verified and the user is presented with a description of the wine. In addition, the user has the option to consume whatever additional marketing material the producer chooses; usually a video form YouTube.

Vintners and distillers are given access to a robust back-office interface where they can adjust the marketing message, view reports, and initiate push notifications to their customers to drive more sales.